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Proclus BV is your partner to manage all your integration efforts between SAP and non-SAP products. 

We work together with our customers to deliver the most durable combination of SAP solutions and tailor-made customizations to fit the requirements of your company. 

Take software integration to the next level with Proclus BV!

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Proclus BV speaks your language, we're fully tuned with our customer. In direct cooperation we tackle your needs adopted to your situation and the circumstances you're in.

Every year we invest a big part of our time in the research of new solutions to improve our customers solutions.

We build up proof of concept (PoC) and study the technical solutions within the deepest detail. With our partners we cooperate to build prototypes that can make the life of our customers easier as never before.

Proclus BV cooperates closely with education in order to create changes for the IT talents of the future generations.


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We analyze your needs and build a future proof concept together with your team

Need for some practical help in the realization of your integration project?  We're there to support you in the field of integration.

Difficulties to support existing integrations, shortage of personal,...not with us! 

We can jump in and will help you to operate your business critical processes.


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Did you ever try to pack, send and deliver 20.000 commerce packages a day?

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Ever thought about solving your administrative hurdles when picking up containers at the (air)port?

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Did you ever consider, how to use multiple third-party logistics services for your company?

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Did you try to synchronize your cloud data with your existing on premise systems?

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Did you ever try to deliver 10.000 official documents in time to the right person?

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Did you ever try to move 40.000 m2 warehouse in one day?

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Steenberg 31

9401 Ninove, Belgium

Tel: +32 54 247121

BE 0658.813.013

RPR Gent, afdeling Dendermonde


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